Advanced Solutions

Desk of Civil Design Engineer who has just made structural analysis calculations using a scientific calculator.

Online CAD components

Create & modify your DWG files directly in your internet browser - on every device. Nothing to install. Share + modify your DWG anywhere and anytime. Web solution to visualize and explore 2D drawings right in your browser.

Web 3D drawing components

Learn how to avoid time-consuming drawing part creation with our online configurators. With our Make-To-Order range, you need less time on design work. Learn more with us. Configure your 3D iFrame to Pan, Rotate, Zoom, Auto-Spin, Auto-Load, Show Logo, and more. Engage your customers with 3D product configuration, interactive 3D animations and more.

Revit plugins

Revit can be challenging when it comes to working with complex BIM projects. We have developed productivity solutions that help you work more accurately and quickly in Revit. Our tools extend existing Revit features, provide access to BIM objects from preferred vendors, or allow you to perform activities that cannot be performed in native Revit. You can automate your project with our BIM plugins for the design of MEP systems, fire systems and more.

Autocad plugins

One of the benefits of AutoCAD is the ability to install 3rd-party add-ons that introduce new features and enhance workflow We develop customized AUTOCAD programs and applications for all versions on the market.

Artificial inteligence

We have team of experts in Artificial Intelligence. We offer individual implementations of machine learning based on convolutional and recursive artificial neural network, decision trees, cluster and data analysis. We specialize in: Image analysis - detection, segmentation, texture analysis. Signal analysis - frequency analysis, wavelet analysis. Modeling and numerical analysis - modeling, simulation, dependencies and correlations. Technologies: Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, OpenCV

Structural calculation components

Extensive library of finite elements that enables the user to generate computer models of almost any structures: 2D and 3D frames, wall-beams, slabs, shells, solids as well as combined systems – slabs and shells supported with ribs, slabs on soil foundation, framed structures, ‘above-ground structure – foundation – soil’ system, etc.

CRM solutions

CRM is a software solution that encompasses various customer management systems - such as sales service and marketing - and allows them to work together. The CRM system streamlines business processes and helps build relationships with customers. A properly designed CRM makes the company contact with potential and existing customers much more effectively.

GIS solutions

We are offering dedicated solutions for the analysis of geographic and spatial data in the decision process (GIS - Geographic Information System). We based on of the world leaders solutions ESRI (ArcGis), OpenStreetMap. Our solutions include such functionalities as: storage of spatial data, management of layers, gecoding, adress analisis, spatial analysis: sets (point, line, poligon), common parts, collisions elements, sub-sets of elements, etc.

Mobile development

Our team specializes in building mobile native apps for Android and iOS. We design various mobile applications developed based on predetermined functionalities. We apply individual approach to the product at every stage of its implementation in order to meet the expectations of future users.

Financial solutions

The Financial services industry is getting more and more interesting about innovation and digital transformation. We speak the language of the industry and provide financial institutions, insurance, wealth management and fintech experts with pragmatic technology solutions and financial software development.