Software Development


Solution design

During the Solution Design Process customers get a deeper understanding of the intricacies of their system. In this interactive process  NetSoftware  will work with you  to address granular details and begin the testing process.
Interactive sessions between NetSoftware Integration Techs and your team to identify requirements and document needs.
Outcome from design process is:
  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Detailed System Mock-ups and Detailed Diagrams
  • A user story gives an overview of what needs to be accomplished and how we go about achieving these goals
  • User Acceptance criteria and tests to ensure requirements are met

Advanced development

Custom solution development requires a solid technical background and a clear understanding of the сlient’s business goals. NetSoftware has 13 years of tech expertise and provides high-quality and cost-efficient software development services. It allows startups, mid-sized and enterprise-grade businesses to achieve their goals with the help of custom software solutions from simple customizations to full-cycle software development.
We can be involved in:
  • Software Product Development
Bring your software product ideas to life, improve the quality of your existing product, and reduce time-to-market and development costs with our service.
  • Enterprise Software Development
Our team of experts helps large organizations achieve long-term success by reengineering technical solutions of various complexities. This increases flexibility and business efficiency.
  • Software Enhancement and Modernization
Software engineers modernize and upgrade your software by using the latest techniques that fill the gaps in your software operations. If necessary, they create an effective software solution from scratch, which best meets your current business needs.

Structural calculations

NetSoftware’s expert engineers are proficient in analyzing the impact of external focus on static structures, such as construction components, machine components, and more. Our highly skilled engineers offer structural analysis services to ensure that these modules meet fatigue safety requirements.
Our structural and stress analysis specialists help simulate the movement of non-stationary objects in vibration analyses, lifting analyses, and other services. With our technology and experience in structural stress analysis, we quantify and further rectify failures in the structure of components that do not meet the proposed design plan, which could result from improper use of materials or even flaws in the manufacturing process.
Desk of Civil Design Engineer who has just made structural analysis calculations using a scientific calculator.

Testing software

A dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers takes charge of your quality assurance process, being responsible for the QA process management and end-to-end testing of your software.
NetSoftware’s dedicated test team takes over a part or the whole scope of your testing activities on a pay-per-unit basis, taking full responsibility for the test process management and the quality of software under test.
Depending on the specifics of your company, project and software, we perform independent 3rd-party testing and execute any required testing type or their combination

Maintenance systems

We provide first line support services (Help Desk), providing you with the Service Manager platform implemented in an environment that meets the requirements of high availability and Disaster Recovery.
Additionally we can offer you support in construction and maintenance of a monitoring IT system, the aim of which is to provide objective and up-to-date information on the status of services for your IT management staff and for the substantive business divisions of the company (Availability Management).